Sometimes preparing for a plan for your older children when thinking about the birth of your new addition can be stressful.

  • Who will watch my child in the middle of the night if I go into labor?

  • What if I don't have family that can arrive in time?

  • How will I prepare my children for my absence and the anticipation of bringing home a new sibling?

  • What if I have to take my children to the hospital and I still need the support of my partner? 

With a sibling doula on call and ready to care for and nurture this exciting yet challenging time for your children, you can confidently prepare for focusing on your new baby while birthing!

Like a labor doula, your sibling doula is on call and ready 24/7 for your family to support the transition to big sibling-hood for your children.  The doula can remain at home with your children and provide care and explanation, or accompany your children with you to the hospital and care for them so they are as prepared and excited as you are to meet the new family member! 

What Do Our Sibling Doula Services Include?

  • A prenatal visit and sibling preparation class to get to know your little ones and adjust them to the doula's support.

  • 24/7 on call support for whenever you need care for your children. 

  • The ability to support your partner and you at the hospital, should your partner need to check in and share time with the other children.

  • Help with adjusting siblings to the new baby after you arrive home.

How Much Does it Cost?

Sibling doula services are $25 hourly, with a $100 deposit.  The average investment for care is between $300 and $500.