Having a spectacular support system doesn't have to end with the birth of your baby. The transition to parenthood and life with a new infant at home is an adjustment for everyone; the assistance of a postpartum doula during this delicate time allows for a much smoother, gentler and more enjoyable fourth trimester with your new little one! 

Your postpartum doula cares for the needs of your infant as well as your postpartum adjustment and that of your partner and other family members - even the family dog! 

How Can Our Postpartum Doula’s Help You?

  • Overnight support to allow maximum sleep for the entire family and maintenance of a breastfeeding relationship or bottle feeding schedule. 

  • Light housekeeping and laundry to maintain a sense of order and balance, allowing you and your partner to rest and focus on your little one.

  • Meal planning and preparation and, if necessary, grocery and supply ordering and shopping to shorten the to do list. 

  • Infant care and instruction alongside family to allow a wealth of questions to be answered, with full support and access to resources and materials to allow planning of methods you wish to use in raising your baby.

  • Assistance with babywearing, gear consultations, feeding and more to allow you to explore your preferred options with ease. 

  • Face to face support during a delicate time in your own postpartum recovery.  The perfect time to take a shower, a nap, or rest with your little one in trained, professional hands! 

  • Sibling preparation and care to allow all family members to adjust to the arrival of a new baby.

How Much Does it Cost?

Postpartum doula rates and length of assistance are fully customizable.  Hourly rates are $40.

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