Planning for the birth of a baby can be a time of excitement and sometimes anxiety.  With a trained and certified labor doula at your side, you can focus on the experience of welcoming your newest addition into the world with confidence!

A labor doula provides unconditional, non-judgmental support for both you and your partner, allowing you to take on your preferred birth experience.

A labor doula provides unconditional, non-judgmental support for both you and your partner

What Do Our Labor Doula Packages Include?

  • Complimentary in-person consultation with a labor doula in your area to discuss your wishes for birth

  • Two prenatal visits (1 1/2 to 2 hours) to create a custom visual birth preferences sheet and discuss your wishes preparing for birth, aided with the knowledge from your birth doula of the policies and procedures of your birthing location, and to discuss comfort measures and logistics of laboring at home and at the hospital or birthing location.

  • An introduction to your doula's back up from the agency who will be available to you throughout your pregnancy.

  • 24/7 on call availability from moment of contracted agreement.

  • Full access through phone, text and email to your labor doula for questions, resources and information to assist you in planning for your baby's arrival.

  • Virtual and phone support during early labor and, when you are ready for your labor doula, consistent face to face labor support from active labor through the birth of your baby. 

  • 1-2 hours of postpartum support immediately after birth to allow you to transition gently to motherhood.

  • A follow up postpartum visit and, if necessary, postpartum planning to assist beyond the immediate first days of your baby's life at home.

How Much Does it Cost?

Labor doula fees are $1,500 and subject to availability of a doula.

Please ask about our FSA/HSA and insurance coverage 


We highly recommend our Childbirth Express class for all of our first time laboring clients, or families needing a birth refresher course.

Taught at George Washington University Hospital, we specifically speak to medical interventions and procedures at a variety of area hospitals, including GWU, Sibley, Holy Cross, WHC, Shady Grove, and more. 

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