When Should you Take a Childbirth Class?

Parents wondering When to take a childbirth class is one of the most common questions we receive!

40 weeks goes by fast, and you want to make sure that you are fully prepared when the big day comes.

Schedule a class too early and things won’t be so fresh in your mind, schedule the class too close to your due date and you run the risk of not making it in time!

So, what do we recommend in terms of timelines? 

A few Things to Consider

Think About the Format

Many classes are weeks long in the process, so if you’re gathering information to create a birth plan and start preparing, you might want to make sure you can get your session in! For instance, our Natural Childbirth Preparation Series is 4 weeks long, so we recommend getting it in prior to your 34th week to be able to make all the sessions (and possibly reschedule one if necessary).

If you would prefer to get it all done in one shot with a full day Childbirth Express Class, we recommend signing up for the end of your second trimester. 

Don’t Just Focus on the Birth

My favorite way to start class is discussing pregnancy discomforts - and spoiler, they play a big role in your labor process if you treat your body right! - so if you’re not pregnant enough, or TOO pregnant for the tips and tricks to be helpful, you’ll definitely feel discouraged! 

One of the most common comments we receive from late comers is “Gosh, this would have been SO helpful for the past six weeks of (insert discomfort here).”

We know! So get yourself to a class early to begin reaping the benefits of that care.

Move On To Infant Care 

When you wait forever to take a childbirth class, you also are so laser focused on birth preparations that it’s easy to neglect what comes next! Beginning to develop your birth preferences soon allows time to focus on other topics such as infant care, breastfeeding basics, search for childcare options and more.

Find a Smaller Class

Most classes are capped on enrollment to allow time for deeper exploration of topics, more hands on and focused discussion, and more. If you’re waiting until the last moment, you might not be alone - and your class might be filled to the brim with panicking late comers! Avoid this by ensuring you’ve got plenty of time to focus on your materials.

Work in Tandem With A Doula

When you have your knowledge and confidence in the birthing process down, it’s easier to sit down with your support team and build your birth preferences! Sometimes, when you’re not in a birth class until late in the game, it makes it hard for you to really focus on a personalized experience with your doula, if the basics of certain choices need to be gone through in depth. 

Taking a class at the right time for you will allow you to be relaxed, confident, and empowered while moving through your pregnancy!