Self Care for Parents: Taking Care of Yourself as a New Mom or Dad

Committing to self care is an important step toward becoming a better parent

It’s easy to get swept aside in the chaos, sleeplessness and - yes - glow of new parenthood. 

If you’ve been a stone’s throw away from the internet in the past five years, you know everyone has been shouting from the rooftops about the importance of self care. 

But HOW do you get it? 

How can you commit - to yourself?

Our Tips for Parent Self Care

1. Schedule it in

My favorite part of every week, after putting in the endless streams of doctor’s visits, playdates, school activities and other essential ‘kid’ needs is to write down the times I’m going to physically and mentally devote to self care, and make sure I’m putting them in my planner. 

Once they’re in, they are a commitment!

Massage, nap, read a book, see a girlfriend for coffee. It’s in there and scheduled.

2. Focus on Food 

Food falls way short of its potential in your brain as a new parent. You’re so busy worrying about when junior last ate, you can’t remember when YOU did! 

  • Have meals delivered.

  • Make a list of all the places you like to eat, and designate a system of choosing.

  • Use to have family and friends schedule meals that are homemade or takeout, with an easy way to see duplicates and when meals should arrive. 

3. Invest in Rest

Rest is not only doctor prescribed, it’s an easy way to put on a new pair of glasses and have a completely different outlook on the world. When you’re exhausted, you hurt. You can't see things clearly and rationally, and it’s harder to deal with the ups and downs.

One to two days a week, invest in a full nights' sleep (minus feedings) to really recharge and give you the restorative rest you need to sustain your health. This is where we come in! 

4. Create a Supported Environment 

Comfy lounge clothes? Check. Soft and squishy blanket for the couch marathon? Check. Diffuser? Check. Having the things you need in your space that bring some calm and joy can greatly improve how you care for yourself. 

5. Inner Dialogue

Every day, write down one triumph. Even on the WORST day - I promise you, there is one thing that made the day worth it all. Maybe you took a shower today. Maybe your baby slept on your chest and it was the best feeling. Looking back over all of these joys will keep you going when things all seem their worst.

We love this journal from The Happiness Project for filling out gratitude notes. And be sure to check out our handmade affirmations for surrounding your space.

Self care is your life blood; you are your baby’s.

With some easy implementation, it’ll be a no brainer to getting yourself in a great and healthy place!