5 Creative Pregnancy Timeline Photo Ideas

Creative Pregnancy Photo Ideas

We all enter pregnancy with different goals on tracking and documenting our experience. For many, that includes keeping a timeline of photos to show the progression of a growing belly, culminating with a birth announcement!

While it can seen time intensive and sometimes overwhelming, we’ve got some tips for you to make your pregnancy timeline unique, less consuming and overall fun!

Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

1. Fruit Photos

This one is great, because if you’re camera shy you’re not even taking pictures of your bump at all! Grab the chair or spot you plan on taking pics of your little one growing when they’re here, and print out, frame, get real fruit, whatever and take a picture and update with descriptions of how much baby is growing, how many weeks, key features, etc.! You can even hold the fruit in front of you, if you want to be in the picture. 

Taking pregnancy photos with fruit

2. Time Progression Video 

This one is for a dedicated individual! Take a side shot in a mirror daily and put together a time lapse video of all the shots. If you have iMovie, you can set up your camera to download them directly into it and quickly add music and other features. 

3. Point of View Shots 

Take a photo from your vantage point. This tends to be a flattering angle, and you can do fun things with it, like putting things near your feet in the down angle showcasing how many weeks you are, the season, etc. The last vantage point shot is you holding baby!

4. Letter Board

A VERY popular (so might be dated) feature is to stand next to a letter board with a witty description of your pregnancy stage and how you’re feeling. We’ve seen a TON of this recently, so you might want to think carefully about whether you’ll feel fondly of it in a few years!

5. Sibling Fun

Get an older sibling to hold a board, be an active participant in the photos and help showcase the progression of your pregnancy. If you’re not feeling particularly like being in the photo, you can crop yourself from the bump down, which is especially fun since it features the age and playfulness of your little one. 

Taking pregnancy photos with older siblings

With a little time and some simple features, you can capture the attention of your family and make a great keepsake with timeline photos for your pregnancy! If you use some of these suggestions, feel free to tag us in the comments with your own timelines!