10 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Top 10 Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers

The weather’s getting warmer, the outside is calling, and there are millions of new products on the market for baby and toddler to play with!

Which ones are worth the investment? We’ll tell you!

Our Favorite Summer Toys for Toddlers

1. Water Table 

Water tables are an amazing way to let your little one explore the water without investing in a pool membership! They’re great for back patios and porches and many come with features such as water wheels, small motor skill stations and more!

2. Toddler Pool

If you’re not ready to dive into swim lessons or a summer membership to your community pool, a small wading pad or pool can entertain babies and toddlers for hours! Many have hose attachments for mini sprinklers, ball nets and amazing underwater mats for little hands to grab at moving objects and toys. 

Choose from some that simply have an inch worth of water, or one of the inflatable, durable pools on the market that are designed with slides and more.

3. Sand Table 

While some sand tables have water combinations, skip it. You’ll get sand in the water and water in the sand and…well, clean up is messy.  Choose from some of the softer, kinetic sand that clumps together for easier clean up with smaller children and let them build away.

4. Step 2 All Around Playtime with Canopy

More open air than a play house, the playtime center allows you to easily let your child explore while also giving the option of moving it when you need to, you know, cut the grass.

5. Cozy Coupe, Wagon, or Balance Bike

For those walks in the late afternoon, it’s always great to have some place to push or pull a baby or let a toddler begin to explore his independence.  For the older kiddos, balance bikes are a great start at learning the basics before moving forward to training wheels. 

Cozy coupes let young ones begin to move their feet in the way a balance bike will require, and no family is complete without a wagon to pull their kiddos in when they get tired of riding or walking.

6. Bubble Mower Fisher Price

This one is just tons of fun! Exploring imaginative and creative play as well as giving new walkers a stable environment to mimic a parent mowing the lawn, the bubbles encourage them to keep moving their feet forward!

7. Step 2 Roller Coaster 

This is the most fun item we have enjoyed with our children at many ages and stages.  A small, easy to roll coaster that is also close enough to the ground that tumbles are soft on the grass.  Best feature is that the track makes it easy for little hands to roll it back up the ramp!

8. Battat Beach Wagon Set 

Individually buying a ton of beach toys leads to frustration when they inevitably get lost.  This clever wagon has a holder and place for everything and includes pourers, buckets, sand molders and more for little hands to haul.  

9. Backyard Cornhole

Not just for those tailgating parties.  Corn hole allows children to toss and throw over and underhand, and is a simple game that allows them to easily gain skill and success.  Children’s boards have larger holes for greater ease of success.

10. Kidco Huggapod Baby holder for park swings 

We always wanted to put our kids into the park swings when they were ready, but were nervous about them flopping all over the place! This genius, parent designed product allows you to safely cushion baby in the swing to support their neck and spine.