Best Massage Oils for Pregnancy & Labor

Recommended Massage Oils for Pregnancy

Massage can be a very effective form of touch and deep relaxation at any point during your life. It may, however, take on an especially beneficial role throughout your pregnancy and into labor, when your body is going through huge amounts of change and stress.

One great way to assure a smooth, warm and effective massage is by using an oil or lotion. 

For that reason you’re probably going to want to stock up on these supplies - and keep them handy around the house as well as your hospital bag!

Our Favorite Massage Oils 

1. Coconut Oil 

Smooth and easily accessible, the smell is usually pleasing for most women in labor, and doesn’t overpower the senses. 

2. Sunflower Oil

Generally unscented for the most nauseated of noses, this one also tends to be much more easily absorbed by the skin and leaves less of a greasy residue.

3. Baby Oil

In a pinch? Grab some of the baby oil you have on hand and bring it to your labor room.

4. Cocoa Butter

Why not assist with full body hydration at the same time? Cocoa butter also doubles as a stretch mark emollient. Different brands have varying degrees of scent so keep that in mind if you are prone to morning sickness.

5. Magic Massager 

Not feeling the lotion love? Try this slippery double layer cloth. It glides smoothly over clothing and bare skin to provide effective massage for a long period of time!