How To Teach The Grandparents Modern Baby Care

Grandparenting classes are a great way to make sure that both you and your parents are comfortable with current best practices in baby care.

The wisest, and most enthusiastic support system you can have is your parents! They raised you - so they’re drawing on a lot of experience when they help out as caregivers or moral support while you’re bringing up baby.

The only problem? A LOT has changed since they had you! So how can you help ensure a smooth transition for all involved?

Don’t worry, supporting them in being the BEST grandparent they can be is part of our mission!

Grandparenting Classes F.A.Q.’s

What Kinds of Things do We Cover?

Newest Regulations and Safety Standards

It feels like every year we hear a new guideline rolled out by the APA - whether it’s car seat safety, proper sleep space, wearing babies or more, we can clear up some of the confusion your parent might have heard from friends, or bring them up to date from when you were in diapers.

Baby Whisperer Secrets

Nothing says magic like feeling like a confident, fairy godmother-esque baby whisperer. We go over our seasoned tips and tricks to help baby be soothed and serene in your parent’s presence. They’ll be happy to watch your little one and feel like they’ve got the system down!

What’s In it for You?

Easing New Parent Nerves

Sometimes, even though they’re your parents, you might feel nervous leaving some of your ways to them without instruction. It can be awkward to feel like you're ‘teaching' your parent how to soothe your baby, use cloth diapers, or simply install their car seat in their car!

With a grandparent fully prepped and up to date, you’ll eliminate your jitters and feel super comfortable in leaving your child with them for an hour, an overnight, or a much needed trip away.

How Can You Sign Up?

Available in a Private or Group Setting

We offer Grandparent’s prep as a private course, group class, or a webinar - so no matter what they are comfortable with, they’ll be all set! 

Sometimes grandparents need the support of others as well! They’re so excited to prepare alongside you - and it can be fun for them to be with other grandparents going through the same thing! They also might really benefit from having a professional walk them through it and be a handy resource for all their private questions.

Help set up your grandparent for success and cherish this time of excitement and preparation with them, while also ensuring that YOU’LL be comfortable, too!