What's In My Bag? Tips for a Successful, Streamlined Diaper Bag!

Diaper bag essentials from a doula and Mother of 3!

When I was expecting my first, I think the sheer size of my diaper bag lent to the number of contents inside.

I had everything and anything I thought I might need for an excursion with my kiddo - and it started to stress me out!

  • What if I didn’t have that ONE thing I needed for the diaper blow out?

  • Two extra outfits are totally necessary, right? 

Everyone has to go through their own journey with baby and pack what make them feel prepared to go out the door. In the beginning, I truly needed all of those items to relax while out and about. 

Today? There might be a few more things in the bag that weren’t there before, like some half eaten goldfish, a band-aid, and possibly several army men. 

There might be a used diaper that’s NOT in a disposable scented bag. 

What’s important now is function over design, although it doesn’t hurt when I can make both happen! 


What's In My Diaper Bag?


First and foremost, I search for items that multitask, and allow for the greatest impact with the smallest space taken in the bag. 

And guess what? The bag itself? 

NOT even a diaper bag!

1. Diaper Bag

I chose a backpack, faux leather design from the Universal Thread for Target. The spacious center, side pockets and compartments make it easy to grab what I need, and the backpack keeps my hands and arms free for carrying a baby and even baby wearing!

2. Honest Diapers & Wipes

Who said that a smaller footprint can’t be cute? Scent free and adorable, we stock the diapers and wipes in a…

3. Beauty Counter Baby Balm

This all purpose balm is free of toxins, chemicals and fragrance and can be used for a variety of uses from dry skin to diaper rash. It can double as a hand cream as well! 

4. Zippered Pouch 

This snap on pouch can go inside my diaper bag or on the outside. I can carry a few diapers and wipes as well as a diaper balm inside it and everything is in one place!

5. Onesie from Lark Adventurewear 

I keep a cute, stylish and season forward onesie in my bag in case of emergencies. You never know. 

6. Water Bottle 

This one is for me! I always forget my water - and it’s not always practical to pick one up where I’m going. A reusable bottle is key for me! 

7. Muslin Blanket

Another workhorse in my bag, this one can be used for laying down for diaper changes, covering up when it’s cold, a breastfeeding cover, wiping up accidents, you name it.

8. Distraction Toys from Kleynimals

My daughter’s hard core teething and loves my keys - but I would shudder to know how many germs she’s getting from them. While she honestly grabs and chews them more than I can admit, I like giving her a great step in that also is better for both her gums and immune system

When the kids need extra room, I have more than enough to go around in my bag, but can still access as much as I need when I need it for sweet baby girl! 

Happy traveling with baby, and pack with confidence!