Can My Birth Photographer Be In The Delivery Room?

Addressing some common questions about Photography during labor

We get lots of logistical questions about birth photography, and wanted to be able to clear some of them up for those who are considering having a photographer join their team.

Professional photographers who are familiar with the staff at your birth location and work well with the providers there can greatly enhance your experience.

Luckily, today we are hearing from just the professional! 

Teresa Robertson is a classically trained photographer who has been working with our families and at Baltimore area hospitals for years, so her presence is more than welcomed! Though now primary based in Oahu, there is still no one whose advice we trust more!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect in your planning:

Don’t worry, if you need help finding a Maryland Birth Photographer, we’ve got you covered!

Delivery Room Photography FAQ’s

Can my photographer be in my hospital room during the birth? 


Photographers are sometimes counted in the head count of visitors, but many hospitals in the Baltimore/DC area do not include them in your total. Additionally, a professional birth photographer will have more freedom to access your room, and many are welcome in the operating room for non emergent cesarean deliveries as well. 

Should I have lights on or act a certain way? 

Don’t worry about how you move, the darkness in your room, or whether you’re aware of his/her presence. A wonderful photographer will blend into the background, and won’t need any of those things to be in your thoughts. Labor and get comfortable, and they’ll work around you!

You’ll be amazed at the shots which are captured that you weren’t even aware they were there for!

What if I go in during the night? 

Just as your labor doula is on call for your birth, so is your photographer! Often, if you’re laboring at home before heading to the hospital or birth center, your labor doula can call your photographer to come and capture those moments at home before heading in.

We’re always at the ready to support you and make sure that all of the story you’re telling is being documented.

What if I don’t want ‘vagina’ shots? Should I even be getting a photographer?

Listen, not all of us want to see THAT much of our birth experience in hindsight, and that’s perfectly YOU.

We want you to want to look at your pictures, and fondly, to highlight that special day and occasion in your life. Schedule a planning session to make sure your photographer will be getting the types of shots that you’re comfortable with. The editor’s room is a friend to birth as well!

One thing you can never get back is the day you gave birth. With breathtaking photos, you can pull out memories whenever you need or want, on birthdays, hard days, and anywhere in between, to help your family remember what a wonderful time it was - tough moments and all!