10 Reasons To Take Our Full Day Childbirth Education Class

Maryland State Doulas offers 1 day childbirth education classes at george washington university hospital in dc and throughout the state of maryland

Whether this is going to be your first birth or fifth, taking a childbirth education class is a great way to make sure that you are fully prepared when the big day comes along.

Here at Maryland State Doulas, we offer several different options for delivering this information to you, but perhaps our favorite is the Childbirth in the "Express Lane" class.

This class is exactly as it sounds; a full childbirth series taught in one day, giving you everything you need to prepare for any type of birth you are planning. 

This class is typically taught in a 9-5 format, which is wonderful when you’re looking to schedule around your busy days!

What’s to Love?

Without further ado; here are our top ten reasons why Full Day Childbirth Express is a great series for you! 

1. Smaller Class Size

Usually when you take a class through your birthing facility, you may have up to 12-15 couples in a class. That’s a lot of people when you’re attempting to ask questions and get a personalized feel for planning your birth experience.  With our smaller class format, you get lots of time with your instructors to ask questions, seek out resources and find what’s best for you.

In short, our Childbirth Express Class gives you more intimacy and personalized support!

2.  Covers many different types of birthing options 

We don’t just go over epidural birth, natural and cesarean but we talk about all different scenarios and how they might change. Neither do we add judgment or talk about what ‘most do’ in certain situations, allowing you to plan the type of birth that is best for you!

Our course gives you all the options available so you can make the best choice for you and your partner.

3. We talk about interventions 

A lot of times what’s missing from many series is they don’t talk about what happens if you have to be induced or need agents such as Pitocin, or a ripening gel to begin the labor process.  Often times couples feel like they don’t know what certain induction methods are that arise in their births, and our course covers how to speak with your care providers about these options should they arise, while explaining in detail what they mean!

4. We go into more detail about what’s happening

We found that sometimes when people know exactly what their body, their pelvis, and their baby are doing in a format patented by ProDoula called ‘squeeze, squat and squirm’, it takes the anxiety and wonder out of what is going on during labor and contractions in each stage of your birthing experience, helping you to feel much more at ease and confident in your process towards having your baby. 

5. More comfort measures 

In other classes occasionally there is no time to go over all different birth positions, tools that can be used, visualizations and more.  We cover it all the same way that we cover these hands on techniques in our doula prenatal visits with clients, offering more time to practice and understand the use of hands-on or off support for your birth.

6. Easier on your schedule

Some childbirth series (which are wonderful and we recommend fully if they are the best fit for you!), can sometimes run up to 12 weeks, and that is a large time commitment to schedule when you have other things you have to do for work, baby showers, putting together a nursery and more.  The one day format fully prepares you without creating a crunch on your schedule. 

7. Build a birth plan right in class

At the end of class, we take time to go over and customize with instructors what you might want to include when talking with your care team.  That step is already taken care of and finalized, so you will only need to continue thinking about what matters most to you and making edits as necessary with your birthing team. 

8. How to speak with care providers when plans change

This is a big one and something I still as a Mom struggle with in some of my appointments.  We use an acronym, BRAIN, to discuss how to ask questions and gain information when speaking with your care providers and your team to create informed choices for any stage of your birth process. 

9. Tips and tricks to keep you comfortable NOW

You’re pregnant! You’ve got a lot of stuff going on in your body.

Whether you are early in your pregnancy, at the end of your second trimester, or entering into the third - there can be a lot of discomfort involved. 

We talk about a variety of pregnancy discomforts and ways to alleviate them, as well as reasons they are present, and knowing your limitations with medicated efforts to stay comfortable during a delicate time in your baby’s development.

10. Resources beyond the classroom

We don’t say ‘see ya’ when the class is over; a private group is created for each class series so you can bond with your fellow classmates, ask questions and gain resources after class is over, as well as contact the doulas with any questions when preparing for birth. 

The care really extends beyond the class, which is an invaluable resource throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and well into the time with your new baby! 

Ready to Sign Up?

We teach this childbirth class in DC and regularly throughout the state of Maryland. To find a class near you, click the button below or reach out via our contact form!

It’s fun and will guarantee to prepare you for any experience, while easing your mind before you welcome your new baby!