Top Shots To Capture During Birth

Doctor checking vitals of newborn baby

You want to be able to tell a story with your birth photography.

Many times, if you’re taking your own photos or working with a birth photographer, you might not be clear in your mind about what kinds of photos you want to achieve. A quick Google search can be a bit overwhelming, so we came up with our own favorites that tell the story of your birth experience!

Birth Photo Album Favorites

Home Labor

If Possible, capture some shots of your Early labor at home before heading to the hospital

Get some shots of you and your support system at your home prior to things getting intense. This is a good time to get some calm, happy shots of you and partner, other family, your doula, and siblings. 

Mom and Partner 

Supporting your partner during labor

As things begin to intensify, make sure you have plenty of photos of you embracing each other, supporting and showing your expressions from your vantage points.

Bands, Gown, Etc. 

Similar to wedding shots, get pictures of clocks, the board announcing your birth team, your hospital bands, etc. These will be great place markers for different stages of your experience. 

The Moment Of Birth 

Mother and Partner overwhelmed with emotion after birth of baby

Whether it’s baby emerging, your expression, or the full effect (see below), make sure you get those joyful and relieving facial expressions captured so you can reflect on the moment your baby came into the world. 

+ Baby Being Born (Caution: Graphic)

Photo of Baby being Born

Partner’s Face


One of my favorite things to see is the face of partner during birth. During labor, you won’t see or be able to share this joyful face, so make sure you have a picture of it!

Baby Bonding

Skin to Skin contact between mother and baby moments after birth

During skin to skin, baby really acclimates to the environment. You’ll get lots of expressions, baby opening their eyes and more to share. 

Newborn Stats

Newborn baby being weighed and measured

Grab shots of baby getting weighed and measured, probably the first good pictures of all of baby! Great milestone shots, once again. 

Partner Bonding 

While you’re getting cleaned up and recovering, partner usually has some quiet moments with baby that often go unnoticed in the calm down of the commotion surrounding birth. These are priceless moments!

With a little mindfulness - and a great birth photographer - you’ll have the memories to share for years to come!